First Congregational Church Of Naples Core Beliefs
A Positive Church with a Positive Message

Congregational Christian Churches are gathered around a covenant. That is, we affirm our collective central faith in Jesus Christ as we find Him revealed in the Bible and covenant together to be the people of God in this place as He leads us on as modern day Pilgrims. We recognize that different Christians and Christian families are on a faith journey. As such, affirm the basic principles of faith as defined in scripture and as exemplified in the historic Christian faith. We gather with an open Bible, a mind being renewed in Christ, and heart filled with the Holy Spirit.

We affirm faith in Christ as He is revealed in the Bible. 

We affirm freedom of conscience of the individual beleiver in a spirit of unity in diversity. 

We affirm the fellowship of the saints of God to encourage and lift one another up; to spur one another on to love and good works. 

We affirm truths found in the historic Creeds of the Christian faith but do not use them as precise litmus tests for fellowship. We have an open communion table for all who procliam faith in Jesus. We recognize that we are not the only Christians, but we are Christian only!  

We open the Bible and we worship God. We welcome every weary travelor on life's journey and invite you to come worship with us! May The Lord richly bless you in Jesus Christ our Savior! 

Pastor Chris 

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Dr. Chris Surber was the recipient of the Joseph Jones Russell Congregational Preaching Award in 2019.