First Congregational Church Of Naples Core Beliefs
A Positive Church with a Positive Message

Like all Congregational Christian Churches, we believe in giving people latitude in their journey of faith. This means we believe in the basic principles of faith as defined in scripture. However, we believe each person has the individual right to develop his/her faith from the dictates of his/her own conscience.

We are, therefore, not a church known as a “Creedal Church,” corporately repeating the historic statements of faith such as “The Apostles Creed.” While such statements may occasionally be included in the service, we feel it is more appropriate to allow people space to develop their own faith within the parameters of the faith community. While we affirm the basic Trinitarian principles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, our focus less on doctrine, and more on the application of what Jesus taught in terms of life today.

We believe in a benevolent God who is present in his creation and in the lives of people. We are not a “Judgmental Church” that pronounces gloom and doom on people, but believe the purpose of faith is knowledge that God is involved in our individual lives. A good way of describing us is that we do not seek to put “round pegs into square holes.”

Anyone sharing one of our services will have his/her faith enhanced in a very positive way.