Focus Groups




We invite you to explore our ministry and program opportunities as small groups are a way to meet spiritual needs and connect with others who have similar needs and interests. Our focus groups have a lifespan with a beginning and an end, or they may be in the form of a weekend retreat. Please visit this space often as our focus groups will change as new opportunities or needs present themselves. All of our focus groups are facilitated either by our pastors who have special training in the subjects covered or by professionally trained individuals. Please call the church office at 514-3500 for information about upcoming focus groups and retreats that spark your interest

  • Divorce Recovery is a focus group designed to assist individuals whose lives have been impacted by the pain of a divorce. It is a sharing, support group led by one of our pastors. This group runs periodically throughout the year. Please contact the church office for dates and times 239-514-3500 or
  • Grief, Loss, and Healing addresses the pain of losing a loved one, the emptiness that is felt, a bond with others who are also dealing with grief, and enabling participants to move forward beyond their grief to healing.
  • Spirituality for Women: Retreats are held periodically for women focusing on spirituality for women. These retreats are designed to enhance and enrich a person’s walk of faith by specifically addressing the issue of an intentional spiritual relationship with God.
  • Women’s Luncheons: Once a month the women of the church gather for lunch, a devotion, and fellowship at one of the local clubs or restaurants.